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Core Essentials

—  Quiet cooking close to center  —

A thorough understanding of how to think and cook ingredients with purpose

Core Essentials – Independent Study


The Core Essentials portion of The Natural Cook training focuses on what we call, “Quiet cooking close to center” because of the power of the cook as they use The  Language of Intuitive Cooking.

This is where we build the courage and skills of a natural cook. Each ingredient has a specific function.  Dishes are simple or complex by intention.

Within the structure provided an almost magical inner and outer experience occurs.

Approaching the entire core curriculum with patience and practice grounds participants with a shift to wholeness.

Independent study courses are set up to support students who want to study topics, lessons, and practice sessions at their own pace. No pressure, no exams, just support to meet questions and goals as needed.

Give yourself 4 – 12 hours a week to move through this 9 month training.

Course Highlights

Unique to The School of Natural Cookery, The Language of Intuitive Cooking

Principles of energetic nutrition

The beauty of visual rhythm – knife skills

Systems and templates for designing dishes and meals from an invention perspective

Techniques and cooking methods that highlight and embellish ingredients grown in healthy soil

Cook with limited ingredients or an abundance with main dishes, soups and sauces

Balancing meals using principles of culinary art and design and energetic nutrition

An efficient, natural kitchen designed to save time, energy and provide continuous inspiration

Save money and time in the kitchen while reaching nutritional goals

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Prepare your kitchen. Look at our store for ideas.

Set a few hours a week to study the lesson content and take notes before going into the kitchen.

Practice cooking methods and inventing dishes.


Whatever you need just ask.

Each lesson provides an instructor monitored forum.

Private tutorial sessions are available for an additional fee.

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