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The Natural Cook®

This is a complete training containing all the topics to support a lifetime.

The Natural Cook Complete

Independent Study

Basic Membership Monthly

This course work begins with the Core Essentials.  Your purchase will initiate entrance into the Core Essentials classroom. The additional topics will also be available through out the duration of access (18 months). This is a training to incorporate seasons and available ingredients with topics  ask students to


Have fun using ‘the creative process’ of learning to cook without recipes. You cooking skills will expand to make everyday dishes with whole plant based ingredients delicious. If you don’t like a dish, you will know exactly how to fix it without guessing. Principles of energetic nutrition are woven into the curriculum, relying on common sense and Nature.


We call it a ‘training’ because it does not end. The shift in ability and consciousness is transformative.

Our programs deliver a process that simultaneously integrates a clear understanding about the characteristics of ingredients and how they interact with cooking methods. These cooking methods are uniquely taught for plant-based ingredients. They also support perspective on how to adapt all ingredients with intuitive cooking skills.

Participants from all levels of experience will be confident harmonizing ingredients for any diet while understanding and organizing infinite possibilities.

Course Options
 Study Platform

Higher education learning platform

Hundreds of short – on point – video lessons

Pop-up glossary to identify and drill The Language of Intuitive Cooking™

Quizzes for every lesson

Q & A teacher mentored group forum for each lesson

Easy, quick, navigation

List of items to have in your kitchen for each lesson

Lifelong Content

100% whole, plant-based training grounded in foundational skills in the creative process of cooking that will apply to ingredients for all diets.

Break routine rely on The Language of Intuitive Cooking™

Expand the possibilities when presented with limitations.

Create a rhythm of your natural kitchen

Feel the sustainable power of whole food in your body through our training

  • Core Essentials

    $890.00 or $260.00 / month for 4 months

    Independent Study – Start anytime

    9 months access

    9 Essential Natural Cook Topics

    Support Available

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  • The Natural Cook – Complete

    $2,240.00 or $398.00 / month for 6 months

    Independent Study – Start anytime

    18 months access

    All 14 Natural Cook Topics

    Support Available

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  • Core Essentials – Certificate

    $3,950.00 or $1,025.00 / month for 4 months

    Immersion – Scheduled Dates

    12 weeks mentored training

    9 months access

    9 Essential Natural Cook Topics


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