The Art of Intuitive Cooking

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The Art of Intuitive Cooking


The Art of Intuitive Cooking – Immersion

The content of this course provides resources for anyone who cooks that would like to understand how to step out of needing to cook with recipes.

The focus of this material will organize your mind and kitchen and allow you perform dishes quickly and easily with ingredients at hand.  The methodology supports opportunities for creativity which nurtures the person cooking.  Inspiration, trust, confidence and speed are the results of using the information in this short course for years going forward.

Immersion courses are set up to support students who want to study topics, lessons, and practice sessions in a structured curriculum, weekly. 

Course Highlights

This 4 week course includes the following topics:

The Language of Intuitive Cooking™

Setting Up The Natural Kitchen

Energetic Nutrition – engaging body mind and spirit through the creative process

Visual Rhythm – Japanese Vegetable Knife – Skills


For anyone wanting to take responsibility for their health through cooking and whole ingredients

People who want perspective on what to eat for feeding loved ones and self

Those who are ready to set up a system for health and speed in their kitchens

Participants are arranged into cohorts of 1 person up to a group of six students


Allow 6 hours a week to study the in the online classroom, practice in your kitchen and participate in live, weekly lab/lessons.

Scheduled training includes four – 2.5 hours each, live lab/lessons

2 months to work in the online classroom (2 weeks before the scheduled training begins + 2 weeks following the scheduled training)

10 hours live, virtual lab/lessons (2.5 hours each week)


Select a start date and time of day from the schedule below.

If you can meet more than one option for the time of day, please list multiple options.

If you prefer to create your own group and session date/time, let us know.

A calendar inside the classroom provides links to join the live lab/lesson sessions


Although this training is online and the open classroom can be accessed 24/7, it is important to be prepared for the rhythm of scheduled, live, weekly 2. 5 hours lab/lessons where you will be interacting with a teacher and other students.

Details of study materials for each lesson are outlined through entire course for planning

Details of preparing your environment for the labs sessions

Week one and week four: office, table, quiet room without distractions. Head set and good lighting.

Week two and week three: In your kitchen. Two devices with cameras. One place over your shoulder or over the work station; one at your side view.


When you sign up, a welcome letter arrives in your email box.  In this letter you will know how to access the online classroom.  In the Welcome page of the online classroom there are links and guides to direct you anywhere you want to go.  It includes structured curriculum and support options.


Prepare your kitchen with pots and ingredients

Set a few hours a week to study and practice a cooking method and explore new ingredients

The online classroom hosts a library of topics. You can read through these at anytime.

      • Setting Up The Kitchen information will help you learn about ingredients, cookware and tools
      • Visual Rhythm – Japaneses knife skills will help you select the kind of knife you want to use and how to care for it and cut with it
      • Energetic Nutrition teaches how our minds, physical body, and non-physical layers relate to Nature, Wholeness, and The Language of Intuitive Cooking™

Whatever you need just ask.

      • Each lesson has a forum to address question which will answered by teacher mentors
      • Private tutorial sessions
      • just email the director:
Intuitive Cooking

Kitchen Setup

Visual Rhythm

Energetic Nutrition

The Art of Intuitive Cooking Topics

Details and Inspiration
click on the topic to learn more

Intuitive Cooking

Kitchen Setup

Visual Rhythm

Energetic Nutrition

Select a date to begin!

Other Course Options

The Natural Cook – Complete

The Natural Cook - Complete is a lifetime of training in all cuisines and all diets. The curriculum, structured for mobility and organization utilizes The Language of Intuitive Cooking. You can easily move between all topics. Aspiring Chef training students can bank this tuition towards a future training. The ultimate freedom with nothing to loose!


Core Essentials

The Core Essentials stabilizes a foundation for cooking without recipes. It puts you in control of your health, budget, time, and satisfies your taste. Study at your own pace with support as needed and begin your adventure here. You can always add individual specialty topics from inside the online classroom. ____ Quiet Cooking Close to center ____


Core Essentials – Certificate

The Core Essentials - Certificate brings the essence of a lifetime training into your kitchen with teacher mentors and classmates. Great training format: online classroom plus structure of a beginning, middle, and graduation. 15 hours a week home study. 9 month access, 30 hours-live teaching over 12 consecutive weeks. Deep and delicious!