Romancing the Bean – The Art of Bean Cookery

Romancing the Bean


The focus of this topic is for students to understand the character of the different kind of beans and how to cook them so that they are easily digestible and seductively delicious. As a protein source, beans definitely command respect. Their abundance of smooth fiber, gentle protein, and modest carbohydrates makes them a great choice for variety in any diet.

Details and Inspiration

While writing the book Romancing The Bean (published by H.J. Kramer), noticing some cultural negativity surrounding beans, in 1992,  I wanted to find “romance” in the bean family. But instead, they romanced me with their sensual brilliance and their ability to drink in almost any supporting element I gave them, becoming as fascinating a blank canvas as grains.

As with any good relationship, there is a balance of give and take. In this relationship, the beans need to go through a complete transformation for humans to be able use their nutrient-dense offering. This is how the beans will be able to do their part and give us their protein. This topic studies clear boundaries around time tested practices and methods of preparation to make all kinds of dried beans digestible; and to have perspective on techniques from world cultures that utilize beans as a primary food.

The cooking methods and improvisational tools from this topic will expand your experience and enjoyment of eating beans. They will be delicious. The challenge will be not to eat too many.  And we have a solution for that too: vegetable & bean pate, marinades, braising, refrying, croquette, falafel, spreads, dips, sauces, soup and more.