Recipe Translation

Ethnic Cuisines

This group of lessons covers two month at the end of the training. Each week you will a popular international cuisine. The goal of this topic is to bring together everything you have studied into the context of dishes that have names and expectations. Until now, the training pushes students to improvise, invent and cook with confidence not knowing what the result will be. In this section we study defined dishes and call it recipe translation into The language of Intuitive Cooking so that student now will be able to cook anything from all cuisines and for all diets. In other words, we are inspired by classic cuisines and upgrade the quality to “wholeness” and plant-based, without loosing the sensuality or nutritional benefits of a classic dish. It’s amazing to see students cook an entire meal without having ever seen or tasted it before. As a student this caps your training to have the confidence to invent dishes, and to translate classic dishes well, without having to have eaten them before, as the case is upon occasion.