Live Weekly Meetings Q & A

Although people have studied the Independent Study Essentials for many years without attending one Q & A session, we offer this opportunity to students who want to share, ask questions, listen and interact with the language. It is also a beneficial connection with teachers because if you are stuck, in rut, or confused by the many layers of seeing all the infinite possibilities in-front of you, a teacher can guide and direct your next move. Bring you into a relationship with the classroom, how much time you have to study, or where to go to find information etc.

This is totally optional for Independent Study students in training. We ask that you sign up with a 24 hour window if you can. There is an easy link to do this and it helps us prepare to meet you where you are in the training. Think of this like a martial arts class where there are many levels of “belts” all in the same room. The dynamic is great experience for all levels. The conversations can go into many directions and your questions will be answered. If not, teachers are require to find the answer and get back to you.