The Natural Cook®

Study a methodology that elevates nutrition with whole plant-based ingredients, innovative taste and simplicity


Students of The Natural Cook programs are all levels of chefs, home cooks, nutritionists, doctors, health coaches, bloggers, authors, athletes and many embarking on a health focused lifestyle journey.

Those ready for a sustainable relationship with real food through a creative process affecting the ecology of the human body and the planet.


Beyond a plant-based cooking course our training supports the ability to adjust for any diet and all cuisines throughout a lifetime. 

Age, activity, health and location require adjustments; we adapt to make sound economic and environmental choices including zero waste, food storage and preservation.

Gaining skills to create dishes from strict limitation to unlimited possibilities empowers students with the confidence to create delicious dishes with ingredients at hand.


Accessing the source of the cook and the nature of ingredients, we begin with what we call “quiet cooking close to center™” to practice the essence of all good cooking. 

Learn to develop intuitive skills in the creative process of learning to cook without recipes.

Make everyday dishes delicious, using whole, plant-based ingredients.

Make changes easily! If you don’t like a dish, you will know exactly how to fix it without guessing.

Principles of energetic nutrition are woven throughout the curriculum.

Lifelong Content

Creating a rhythm of the natural kitchen easily offers opportunities for future generations to learn about whole, plant-based ingredients within the context of living, not just diet. 

You will see how nature sustains us.  When you practice Quiet Cooking Close To Center, you enhance your own life with the inspiration and confidence to invent dishes. 

The sustainable power of whole food in your body lays a nutritional imprint for coming generations. 

Natural Cook
Natural Cook

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Study Options

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The Complete Course of Natural Cookery

This complete course allows you to weave all topics through your culinary journey.  Our comprehensive information with weekly optional support is the foundation for your creative journey, from setting up your kitchen to studying recipe translation of world cuisines.

Core Essentials Course of Natural Cookery

The self-paced Core Essentials lays a foundation for cooking without recipes, puts you in control of your health, budget, time, and taste. You can always add individual specialty topics from inside the online classroom.

Core Essentials Certificate Course

The Core Essentials – Immersion format brings the essence of a lifetime training into your own kitchen, with teacher mentors and classmates. It’s a great training format combining the online classroom together with our unique guided curriculum.

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