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The Natural Cook®

A methodology that elevates nutrition with whole plant-based ingredients, innovative taste and simplicity

Beauty comes through quiet dishes that nourish the cook

Integrate the rhythms of a whole food kitchen



it’s a training to last a lifetime and sustain generations™

The Natural Cook Training Complete



to grow and create infinite possibility

The Natural Cook Training



Over 300 videos, live meetings/labs, forums, glossary, 24/7 online classroom

The Natural Cook®


People who are ready for a relationship with real—food that will stabilize health in the ecology of the human body and the planet.

Students of The Natural Cook programs are all levels of chefs, home cooks, nutritionists, doctors, health coaches, bloggers, authors, athletes and many embarking on a lifestyle journey.


Learn to develop your intuitive skills in the creative process of learning to cook without recipes.

Make everyday dishes with whole, plant-based ingredients delicious.

If you don’t like a dish, you will know exactly how to fix it without guessing.

Principles of energetic nutrition are woven throughout the curriculum to connect the cook with the food and cooking process.


Beyond a plant-based cooking course, it’s a lifetime training to support any cuisine and all diets.

You will cook with mindfulness and purpose knowing what to look for and how to use each ingredient.

The skills to be able to create dishes from both unlimited possibilities and strict limitations allow you to create delicious dishes with ingredients at hand.

Your age, activity, health and location will change over a lifetime. You will be able to make economic and environmentally sound choices.


I am reading now all your books and really enjoying them. I love the Amazing Grain book right now. Just the tenderness you have toward food. It’s so rare now.

I’m just registering a sort of culture shock. As you know well, today’s commerce like to sell their ingredients- not the essence: Ingredients are cultivated and thrown together as extra benefits e.g meal replacement shakes, afternoon snack bars, drink powders.

But where is that dance they have with real food groups when intuitively and thoughtfully brought together, as you began talking about decades ago?

Kristen (Natural Cook Student),
Lifelong Content

100% whole, plant-based training grounded in foundational skills of a creative process

Dishes are simple or complex but always, digestible and delicious

The Language of Intuitive Cooking™ eliminates boredom

Expand the possibilities when presented with limitations

Create the rhythm a natural kitchen

Feel the sustainable power of whole food in your body

 Study Platform

Higher education learning platform

Hundreds of short – on point – video lessons

Pop-up glossary to identify and drill The Language of Intuitive Cooking™

Quizzes for every lesson

Q & A teacher mentored group forum for each lesson

Easy, quick navigation

List of items to have in your kitchen for each lesson

Course Options

Core Essentials

The Core Essentials stabilizes a foundation for cooking without recipes. It puts you in control of your health, budget, time, and satisfies your taste. Study at your own pace with support as needed and begin your adventure here. You can always add individual specialty topics from inside the online classroom. ____ Quiet Cooking Close to center ____


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