The Essentials For Becoming A Natural Cook

Consider the nature of all ingredients and cook with purpose

The School of Natural Cookery’s core training content focuses on practicing the details that bridge cooking methods for energetically whole, plant-based cuisine and skills that match your courage as an intuitive cook.

A curious student will benefit from the support, tools and structure offered through The Language of Intuitive Cooking™. Approaching the entire curriculum with patients and observing one’s practice will ground participants and open opportunity for a lifeshift™ to wholeness.

The Natural Cook training’s Core Essentials course focuses on what we call “Quiet Cooking Close To Center™.”

This is where we construct the skills to match the courage of an intuitive cook. The student who is open to learning, or already has some experience but is seeking more confidence and accuracy, will benefit the most from the support, tools and structure of The Language of Intuitive Cooking.

Approaching the entire core curriculum with patience and practice will ground participants by initiating a lifeshift™ to wholeness.

Independent study courses are set up to support students who want to study topics, lessons, and practice sessions at their own pace.  No pressure, no exams, just support to meet questions and goals as needed.

Give yourself four hours a week to move through this nine-month training.  Additional topics are available for modest purchase within this core classroom.  Small monthly fees can be applied at anytime you want to extend access or your life wants to return to the classroom and its benefits.

Course Highlights


Thank you so much. I loved the content. The way the program looks at food using the main character and the star diagram. As a writer and educator, that is exactly how I look at food as well. I loved that concept.

I am not sure how to improve my making space for this wonderful class. I hope to come back in the future and really hone in on all the valuable knowledge. I also loved the idea of intuitive cooking and I feel like your class allowed me to have belief in myself when I cook. Lastly, I feel really connected to my ancestors when I cook; it is more spiritual to me and I love the rich history behind recipes. I’m going to start a blog called the Yummyverse. It is for kids. It has not launched yet but I will take the information I gained here and use it in my writing. – Karen

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How To Prepare

Prepare your kitchen. 

Set a few hours a week to study the lesson content.

Take notes before going into the kitchen.

Practice cooking methods and inventing dishes.


Whatever you need, just ask.

Each lesson provides an instructor-monitored forum.

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