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August 2023 Chef Training

Applications due May 3, 2023

Natural Chef – Diploma

The curriculum in this training supports the skills and thinking for anyone wanting to work in the food industry. Knowing how to troubleshoot, invent, create a personal style with the simplest, cleanest, ingredients in the most efficient, cost productive way is useful for anyone who works with food. This program prepares graduates to have a thorough experience of plant-based ingredients, beyond the usual dishes that are popular. They will have tools to up-grade well-known dishes and translate traditional recipes into whole, plant protein, low – no sugar, gluten-free dishes.

Food photography lesson prepares students to use their assignments for social media and for portfolios, with over 200 images used for assignments.  In addition, the training prepares a Chef to know first hand how healing food feels in their personal life.  Over 9 months many graduates report health changes and more control over their lifestyle.

Lab Sessions

Teacher mentoring during lab sessions are held throughout the nine month training utilizing online technology to take place in each student’s kitchen. The student teacher ratio is one teacher for two – three students. Teachers observe and communicate directly with students privately and in groups, while they practice the details of Intuitive Cooking and technicalities of cooking methods.

Select A Training Start Date

Please, complete the application ahead of the due date. Although this training is online with a beginning and end date, it is very important to be prepared for a rigorous focus and organizing your life before the starting date.

We collect applications and design the schedule that fits each participant while grouping people into groups of up to six.

Groups will meet weekly, online.

Start Month
Application Due Before
August 2023 May 3, 2023 April 2024
October 2023 July 27, 2023 June 2024
February 2024 November 1, 2023 October 2024

 April 2024

January 27, 2024 December 2024
September 2024 May 20, 2024 May 2025

Times of day are communicated in Mountain Time–between 8:30 am – 6:30 pm. Virtual lab sessions are three – six hours.

Tuition:  $10,520

Materials Fee:  $1,500


Partial scholarships

Payment plans available

There are 30 weekly lessons. This training begins by building a foundation of understanding.

Students learn to observe their dishes in their process of learning The Language of Intuitive Cooking.

Alumni Forum

Stay connected with successful graduates who speak the same cooking language

Access The School of Natural Cookery’s job board

Look for people to work with that have a similar training

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Natural Chef graduates demonstrate a level mastery and proficiency in plant based cooking.

This program supports goals for the following work situations:

• Product development
• Food blogs and book writing
• Educator
• Professional continuing education
• Food service – trucks, restaurants, cafes
• Menu design
• More….

Full commitment from instructor/mentors throughout your training who will guide and grade your achievements. Our classes are small, and our standards for graduation are high.

SNC is one of the few state approved private occupational schools in the United States, any educational training that prepares potential professionals is a
vocational school.

When approved as a state department of higher education school, we are required to maintain standards of business, both fiscally and quality of professional instructors. We are required to have insurance for the location where we do hands-on training and to be able to reimburse students for any un-earned tuition due to business failure to deliver.


Details and Inspiration
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Intuitive Cooking

Kitchen Setup

Visual Rhythm

Energetic Nutrition

Meal Composition

Amazing Grains

Earth Angels

Romancing The Bean

Soups & Sauces

Tofu, Tempeh, Seitan

Vegan Desserts

Living Foods

Natural Breads

Recipe Translation