The Natural Chef

100% online Diploma training matching the art of improvisational cooking whole, plant-based, real food with skills required to build a culinary career.

Approved by the State of Colorado Department of Higher Education since 2005

The Curriculum

The Natural Chef training classes are small, and our standards for graduation are high.

 A unique 100% online training to support the skills and thinking for anyone wanting to work in the food industry. Knowing how to troubleshoot, invent, and create a personal style with the simplest, cleanest ingredients in the most efficient, cost productive way is useful for everyone.

The Natural Chef program prepares graduates with a comprehensive experience of whole food, plant-based ingredients, beyond the usual dishes that are popular. They will have tools to up-grade well-known dishes and translate traditional recipes.

The Food Photography lesson helps teachers see the details of assignments. The assignment photos also provide quality images for social media and building professional portfolios.

The Natural Chef training offers participants the experience of how healing whole food feels in their body, should they choose to take on this unique challenge. During this special training, graduates report health changes and more options to manage their lifestyle.

Full commitment from instructor/mentors throughout your training will guide and validate your achievements.

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Chef Dominic Dougherty Natural Chef - USA


As I reflect on my recently completed Natural Chef training, I’m filled with immense gratitude and a renewed passion for culinary arts. This transformative journey has not only honed my skills but also instilled a deep-seated confidence and creativity in my approach to vegan cooking, which I proudly bring to my role as the newly-appointed ‘Head Chef’ at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah.

The breadth and depth of the training were nothing short of remarkable. I genuinely feel that this experience has equipped me to apply these skills in the kitchen with renewed passion and expertise, continuing to contribute to our mission of providing nourishing, plant-based meals to our community.


Chef Dominic Dougherty
Natural Chef – USA

Lab Sessions & Weekly Meetings

Students should allow 25 – 35 hours a week to study, practice, up-load assignments, and attend weekly meetings. 

The teacher to student ratio is one teacher for up to six students in each group. 

There are 35 weekly virtual meetings in the training period. Here we practice speaking and thinking in The Language of Intuitive Cooking.

The Natural Chef lab sessions are well designed to experience learning from your kitchen.

The 36 hours of live, virtual labs clarify and challenge student’s techniques and understanding of the creative process.

Natural Chef Training Course

Graduates demonstrate a level mastery and proficiency in plant-based cooking

The Natural Chef program supports:

The Natural Chef

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Enroll Soon To Hold Your Space

The Natural Chef training is online with a beginning and end date. It is important to be prepared, having organized your life to meet the schedule before the training begins. We collect applications and design the schedule that fits each participant. Be prepared for 9 month study.

Complete the application and enrollment agreement by due date.

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The School of Natural Cookery  is one of the few state approved 100% online private occupational culinary schools in the United States of America.

Ask to view videos of classrooms in action !

There are 35 weekly lessons. This training begins by building a foundation of understanding.

Students learn to observe their dishes in their process of learning The Language of Intuitive Cooking.

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