The Essentials For Becoming
A Natural Cook

Quiet Cooking Close To Center

Consider the nature of all ingredients and cook with purpose.

The School of Natural Cookery’s essential training option focuses on practicing details bridging cooking methods that are specifically organized for energetically whole, plant-based ingredients and skills that match your courage as an intuitive cook.

“Quiet Cooking Close To Center™”

This is where we construct the skills of an intuitive cook. Students who are open to learning, or already have some experience but are seeking more confidence and accuracy, will benefit greatly by taking their time and using the tools and structure of The Language of Intuitive Cooking™.

Approaching the training with patience and practice grounds the experience in a deeper lifes-shift™ towards wholeness.

The Open Classroom provides  topics, lessons, and practice sessions to be studied at you own pace.

No pressure, no exams, just support to meet questions and goals as needed.

Scheduled Immersions live with mentors will expedite how you integrate The Language of Intuitive Cooking using the material in the Open Classroom.

As a member in The Natural Cook Collective, you will have benefits to never feel pressured in the training, until you want to. And then you will have access to amazing small group experiences, live. 

Course Highlights

Phillippa Norman


To Health Professionals:

As a student of The School of Natural Cookery and an Integrative Physician, I believe any holistic practitioner would benefit greatly from the addition of The NaturalCook® curriculum as a tool for your clients. I believe it’s essential for health providers to connect with food in a holistic way.

Often the concept of cooking brings to mind using recipes or standard cooking techniques. The system of teaching at SNC offers a solid foundation and a more rich, whole-person approach in 2 important ways:

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The Essentials for Becoming A Natural Cook

Essentials for becoming a Natural Cook

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