The Art of Intuitive Cooking

The School of Natural Cookery presents creativity as the healer throughout The Natural Cook® Collective.

A cornerstone for the entire training of Natural Cookery.

The Art of Intuitive Cooking prepares the mind, heart, and hand to be precise with organization  and observation which are the foundation of creativity.

You will study with tools that build strength and courage to create an infinite amount of nameless, audaciously delicious dishes, with ingredients at hand.

Topic Description & Details

Who ?


This introductory training option will serve individuals who want to be free from recipes.

They will be open to organizing their minds and kitchens through The Language of Intuitive Cooking™ using ingredients at hand.

The creative process taught here will  upgrade dishes  to wholeness, help manage control and  taste/flavors, time and budget.

Participate in the adventure where not having a name for a dish inspires what the dish will become.

Our students learn to ask the right questions at the right time, being able to discern amongst infinite possibilities.

Why ?

Because creativity is healing

We all have the option to reach inside ourselves and live with the creativity of a natural cook.

Our training fills in the gaps, teaching  what the variety of ingredients are doing, by themselves and when combined with each other.

It wakes up wholeness as a choice.

The principles presented in The Art of Intuitive Cooking apply to all levels of people who need to or love to cook.

How ?

Study topics in the online open classroom 24/7. 

Read, watch videos, take notes, organize your kitchen, practice.

Build your depth of understanding how the function of ingredients work.

Observe from both inside and outside of you.

This training content will apply to  your current cooking skills, and you can upgrade your training to study improvisational, plant specific  cooking methods in The Essentials of Becoming A Natural Cook.

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The Art of Intuitive Cooking

Open Classroom - Independent Study

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