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The Natural Cook® Training – Core Essentials

The link that brought you to this page is a special opportunity provided by your company connections.

30 days starting from date of purchase you will have full access as an Independent Study student, including live Q&A with Topics in the Tuesday Talks set for 10:30 am MT. weekly.

It is a one-time option giving you access to The Natural Cook® trainingCore Essentials classroom.

Reading the catalog will build an understanding of how The Natural Cook® training is comprehensively designed to support your customers, clients, associates, with tools to change their health using Real Food.

The classroom supports learning with a variety of tools. It works from the point of view of Energetic Nutrition, a very common sense point of view that is easy to understand how to make good food choices and how to have fun using “the creative process” and Intuitive Cooking skills to make everyday food delicious.

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