Core Essentials – Monthly Payments

$297.00 / month for 3 months



The Independent Study format is good for students at all levels of experience who want to engage in the The Natural Cook® training at their own pace, without requirements to submit homework or participate in live weekly meetings. Individuals, families, and experienced chefs wanting plant-base expertise, and who don’t need a certificate from SNC, will expand their culinary knowledge. Optional live weekly Group Q&A sessions, a Community Forum for sharing and asking questions, and/or one-on-one Private Coaching sessions provide teacher/mentor support for your training.

The Natural Cook Training: Core Essentials

The Core Essentials has everything one needs to build mastery with plant-based cooking skills.  The course material focuses on the transformation whole, original seeds.  Processing food is what we do as cooks.  Learning to start with whole ingredients helps master a budget, a kitchen’s flow, and the environment of bodily health. When a need or choice comes to refine a whole ingredient, you will have knowledge on how to bring the freshest, most energetic value into your cooking.

Cooking is simple. Understanding the infinite possibilities is complex.  The Natural Cook training begins simply, with a map on how to manage infinite possibilities.   An artist masters ingredients and techniques; then applies their soul to their creations.  This is what The Core Essentials offers you. 

– Gain a deep understanding of ingredients and cooking methods for plant-based dishes
– Learn to create a dish with ingredients at hand and how to how to troubleshoot problems
– Study the art and technique of whole dish grain: non-gluten grains as main dishes
– Visual rhythm: the art of cutting vegetables with Japanese vegetable knife
– Principles of designing dishes and balanced meal composition
– Study 28 cooking methods that are specific to plant-based cookery
– Study the art and technique for vegetable proteins: beans
– Learn the subtle and distinctive art of plant-based soups and sauces
– Observe and integrate principles of energetic nutrition and using whole food for health