Core Essentials – Certificate July 2023 Student Add-on


Immersion – Start Thursday, July 13 and End Thursday, September 28

12 weeks mentored training

9 months access

9 Essential Natural Cook Topics

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Core Essentials — Certificate

12 Weeks

Special invitation to participate in the launch
of our NEW course immersion format
$500 pre-launch discount
Thursdays, July 13 – September 28 – 2023

WHY: Take a deep dive with us into the essence of good cooking skills. Study nutrient dense, whole plant ingredients without gluten or sugar. Give your body a chance to experience how bringing out the best digestibility and taste that real food can give us, is sustainable. Stand on the shoulders of more than 40 years with a proven system that will feed you, your clients, your families.

  • A structured, guided curriculum weekly
  • Study & practice specific details of cooking methods
  • Weekly series of live, virtual lesson/labs from your kitchen with cameras for teachers to see your work, and test your understanding
  • Small groups, sharing your experience and learn from others
  • Teachers help you use the training to address your specific health and culinary goals


WHAT: Twelve, 2.5 hour (30 hours) live, virtual, meetings with teacher/mentor.24/7 access to our premium online, university level classroom. Practice in the comfort of your own kitchen. Allow study time ofapproximately 15 hours a week.

In this core training we focus on understanding the details of plant based cooking methods. The creative process structured in The Language of Intuitive Cooking™ provides almost magical inner and outer experiences. Balanced dishes and meals are based in design principles of energetic nutrition, taste, texture, color and the theory of numbers. Whole seed-based ingredients and the creative process work together for health. The core content provides a shift to wholeness through creating a rhythm in the kitchen with nutrient dense, plant-based, whole food. No gluten or sugar in this part of the training curriculum.


HOW: Scheduled immersions expand the experience of independent study with live group lab/lesson meetings. Access to the online classroom, resource library, and setting up the kitchen topics are available upon registration. You will select a session with beginning/end dates in the AM or PM for 12 consecutive weeks. A designated teacher/mentor will guide you through the content of the Core Essentials, while you are cooking. You will need two devices with cameras. We explain the details of each week’s topics and how to be prepared each week’s study list of videos to watch and cooking methods to practice.


WHEN: you register — you will select a session for 12 consecutive weeks with beginning/end dates and indicate your preferred time of day in Mountain Time USA. Three choices AM or PM or Either. We will confirm your group. The 9 month access date begins and The Natural Cook program and Core Essentials classroom can be navigated through the welcome email containing directions on how to use our platform. As Certificate students you will have special guidelines to achieve. Two weeks before the live weekly meetings start-dates, you will receive a study guide for each week of your live training.