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The Art of
Intuitive Cooking

For all who are interested in the principles and a system for cooking without recipes.

The Essential of Becoming A Natural Cook

Recommended for people seeking to shift daily towards whole food, plant-based cooking with the creative process.

The Complete Training of Natural Cookery

For students seek a comprehensive culinary journey with Intuitive Cooking.

The Natural Chef

For aspiring chefs and professionals seeking mastery with whole, plant-base, ingredients while engaging in a creative process.

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The Natural Cook® Collective

This is a subscription membership to support your training through life changes.

What is The Natural Cook® Collective?

The School of Natural Cookery's training resonates with like-minded people world-wide. They appreciate the ability to walk into any style of kitchen and cook with whatever ingredients are on-hand.

This awareness brings people together through their inspired cooking that integrates whole, real ingredients with creativity. Each participant's action in their kitchen contributes to building healthy sustainable ecosystems for humans and earth.

The Natural Cook Collective seeks to connect the important relationship between farmers who nurture soil and how that nurtures human overall well-being.


The Workbook is recommended as a study companion. 

It is a container to organize classroom content. The workbook design encourages easily taking notes with the templates we use to train an individuals creative process of intuitive cooking. 

When you study with a workbook it is easy to find your notes.

There is a PDF of the workbook in your classroom. Please feel free to download and print it.

Upon request, a bound workbook is available for The Essentials of Becoming A Natural Cook and The Complete Training of Natural Cookery. Cost will be applied only for  whatever the shipping and handling cost is to you. 


These videos provide technical details of lesson content through demonstrations and explanations.

The entire training learning content is organized with short video clips.  They average between 1 – 8 minutes in duration.

Each training option will have a different amount of videos based on the content of topics included.


An active online syllabus outlines the entire curriculum and provides direct links to a lesson topic.

It is a powerful tool for navigation and planning your personal training.


We are teaching a language.  The key words, concepts, and theories in The Language of Intuitive Cooking are hyperlinked to definitions that streamline understanding of all cooking.


The Founder of The School of Natural Cookery’s books are included in the training classroom material.

Amazing Grains — The Art of Cooking Whole Dish Grains

Romancing The Bean — The Art of Cooking Beans, Tofu, and Tempeh

Intuitive Cooking From the School of Natural Cookery

Energetic Nutrition — A way of Balance


All questions and sharing are encouraged.

Each lesson provides a question forum.

These are seen by all participants who will automatically be part of the forum notices upon enrollment.  There is also an Opt Out action upon request. No Problem.

Certified Natural Cook teachers monitor and answer the forums.

Students are welcome to share their experience and knowledge.


Reach out if you are having technical difficulties with our platform

Tuesday Talk

The Language of Intuitive Cooking comes alive when you speak it with others. It is grounding to hear how this language applies to all food and most cooking.

Questions and sharing are encouraged.  You can ask about a special situation in your body or how to manage timing, where to begin or how to work in the classroom.

This is an option to participate in an open, one hour, live virtual meeting for questions, curiosity and sharing. For all members of The Natural Cook Collective wherever they are or have been in their training.

These are not recorded. Hosted by senior teachers from The School of Natural Cookery.

Immersions are the hands-on improvisational experience of The Language of Intuitive Cooking™, and Quiet Cook Close To Center™.

A scheduled time-frame, structured, mentored curriculum within your training option’s online classroom. 

Immersions organize the student’s experience with the creative process so that participants enjoy immediate success with intuitive cooking.

Mentors work virtually in the student’s kitchen. The student organizes their choice of ingredients and applies the relative content within the online classroom on how best to use them.

Small groups of  between one - four students to one mentor.

Each Immersion requires a different number of lab sessions and amount of preparation time to practice and study.

Check mentor’s biography to see time zones and if other language support is available. The online open classroom instruction is in English.  Proficiency with the English language is required.

Immersions provide opportunity to be with a teacher - mentor in your kitchen. They will guide, train, test, correct, inspire, and give feedback matching your needs with topics in your training. 

Certified Natural Cook teachers are well versed in cooking for all diets. You can ask questions about your dietary situation and how to adapt the culinary training to your specific health concerns and lifestyle.

Review the bio of the mentors and select a good schedule where you will be available to participate and study during the Immersion you have selected. 

Mentors offer options for international timezones and support in other languages.

Following the Immersion you will continue to enjoy the benefits of The Natural Cook Collective.


It can be difficult to shift established routines within a lifetime of changing circumstances.  Continued access with The Natural Cook Collective supports you to continue to be inspired with food and cooking with ingredients at hand.

As a member the benefits include: 

  • Maintain unlimited 24/7 access to the open classroom within your chosen training options 
  • Take time to observe, time to explore a life sustaining training — No hurry 
  • Expand your training options easily from within your classroom without loosing any paid tuition 
  • Share your learning and inspiration in teacher monitored forums 
  • Drop into a live Tuesday Talk weekly Q&A meeting where participation is optional
  • Schedule and enroll into Immersions with 10% discount

Invest in a training that lasts a life-time through generations