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Training leaders in a unique creative process to master whole food plant-based cuisine

Home-cooks, Health Professionals, and Chefs

About Us

The School of Natural Cookery (SNC) has been leading the healthy lifestyle industry since 1983.

Our non-traditional culinary training is designed to provide a deep understanding of  the creative process.  It will apply to all diets and cuisines through the study of the art of cooking whole, plant-based ingredients.

The School of Natural Cookery’s training programs bridge a personal relationship with healing food and creativity.  In a world of fragmented information, we offer a training where the content and experience is much greater than the sum of its parts.

Julianaa Satie – Founder

The Missing Link

- The School of Natural Cookery -

Maintaining a sustainable relationship with food and cooking

Our Programs

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The Natural Cook® and The Natural Chef
Natural Cookery

The Natural Cook®

The Natural Cook program benefits all levels of experienced chefs, novice cooks, and everyone in-between. 

Natural Chef

The Natural Chef diploma program has been approved by the State of Colorado Department of Higher Education as private vocational training since 2005.

Natural Cookery

Our Book

The Language of Intuitive Cooking™ took seven years to come from an idea into form through the founder of The School of Natural Cookery.

It has been tested in our teaching system for more than 40 years. 

In 2006 this book was published before the online school was created (2008 – 2012).  This text book provides the groundwork of the curriculum at The School of Natural Cookery and as a living language keeps evolving.  

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