The Natural Cook®

A methodology that elevates nutrition with ingredients, taste and simplicity

Beauty comes through quiet dishes that nourish the cook
and the people who enjoy the food.

Integrate the rhythms of a whole food kitchen.

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We offer more than a cooking course.
The Language of Intuitive Cooking
lasts a lifetime.


The Natural Cook Training
is a structure to explore and create infinite possibilities.


Over 300 videos, workbook, textbook
and teachers support. No previous
experience is required.

What is a Natural Cook Training?

The Natural Cook training encompasses mind, body, spirit, and a lot of “heart.” As a student, the whole person takes part in this process, accessing both the right and left sides of the brain. This uniquely different kind of culinary education is balanced between art and science; artists observe from the inside out and scientists observe from the outside in.

Our training is applicable to all levels, from beginners to professionals, who are ready to engage in a complete holistic study that integrates the art of plant-based cuisine to nourish oneself or others.

The dishes create experiences of surprise and good health, while establishing confidence of being adept in a creative process, and excited to cook without having to know what the dish will be before you start.

“Built over 40 years to last a life-time. You might want to prepare yourself for many changes in your health, your spirit and your cooking.”

– Julianaa Satie, Founder

Students select one of two ways to experience this training.

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Independent Study

The Independent Study format is good for students at all levels of experience who want to engage in the The Natural Cook training at their own pace, without requirements to submit homework or participate in live weekly meetings. Individuals, families, and experienced chefs wanting plant-base expertise, and who don’t need a certificate from SNC, will expand their culinary knowledge.

Private coaching session with certified teacher/mentor included.

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Natural Chef

The Natural Chef diploma is a choice for students who want a rigorous, small-group university level structure with accountability. An assigned teacher/mentor personally follows your assignments. Participation in the classroom is required. This interactive, in-depth study builds confidence with knowing about how to cook well, design menus, and incorporate the organizational skills of a chef. This format requires a high school diploma or equivalent with a commitment of a minimum of 25 hours a week over nine months.

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Benefits of our training program

• Create a sustainable relationship relationship with food and cooking.

• Cook well, using available ingredients you have available at hand.

• Learn how to fix dishes that aren’t making your palate happy.

• Learn how to replace boredom with endless possibilities.

• Learn how to save money by not wasting anything.

• Experience healing whole food daily, through seasonal changes.

• Learn to stock your kitchen with nutrient-dense ingredients.

• Manage health quality ingredients in cost-effective and purposeful ways.