Applying Nature To Harmonize And Support Change

Gracefully removing blocks and organizing strategies around location, business, timing, all kinds of relationships, physical projects like selling or buying homes or other things, health: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual .
Now that things are a bit more settled, finally, I wanted to take a few minutes to express my gratitude to you for your insights, “tools,” and for introducing me to this marvelous method that combines reflection and problem-solving. In the numerous times we’ve worked together to create these unique “soil less gardens,” each time I was actually surprised at how effective a quickly the changes were happening. From adjusting and transforming my experience in a divorce (after 45 years!), selling the house (after the divorce), figuring out how and where to “land” (moving to California) and, once here, having to find a place to live — which actually became Three places to live since each year things changed that were beyond my control at all (landlord decisions to sell, etc…)  Whew,! And, well, I can also add…relationships! And more.   

It’s so fascinating to experience the “team” at work, I just always say…”Go, Team!” whenever something notable occurs. And that is often!

I have been working with Julianaa for years now on a variety of issues/projects. Depending on the issue and where I am in my life, she evaluates whether I need a clearing, to work on my soils garden or a cord cutting session. The issues I have come to Julianna for varied from moving to a new city (or not moving yet), work issues/moving jobs, relationships with family, friends and romantic partners and me/my soul. She is flexible with timing and gracious with her time, she changes what I might need based on what she hears and feels and has been a great support system for me over the years! I would highly recommend her to anyone that is open!

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