“The whole is greater than the total sum of its parts”

Aristotle, Metaphysics 8.6 

Independent Study

What would it be like to enter a life training where you are free to have a healthy relationship with yourself, food, and cooking? The Natural Cook® training teaches you to invent dishes without knowing  the outcome of the dish you are creating.  Learn where in your body to listen and when in your mind to think. Gain confidence, speed, and mastery in cooking for all diets with ingredients at hand. 

Freedom is not needing to know the end result before you begin.

The thing that is really wondrous about this training is how the information fits together, in its wholeness. With forty years of development observing a myriad of cuisines and diets, this training changes with life. It is not a fad.   

The Natural Cook training is anchored with a core structure where students learn how to observe, taste, smell, understand fire, water, air, earth and time (nature), and how to benefit from the healing power of the creative process,  which has been known to mankind from the beginning.

The Independent Study format is good for students of all levels of experience who want to engage in the The Natural Cook® training at their own pace, without requirements to submit homework or participate in live, weekly, meetings. Individuals, families, and experienced chefs wanting plant-base expertise, and who don’t need a certificate from SNC, will expand their culinary knowledge.  Support is included with weekly Tuesday Talks, and Private Tutoring/Coaching options, where certified natural cook teachers can help integrate the culinary training with your personal health and professional goals.

Training Support


  • Tuesday Talks  – Topic Presentation, Live and Q/A 
  • Instructor Monitored Community Forum – share, ask, learn
  • Private Tutoring/Coaching with Certified Instructors

Your Study Options HERE

Core Essentials

Core Essentials

The Core is a life-time of information and training with energetically whole ingredients. This is 100% gluten free, and whole-food, plant based.

It is the Foundation of all cooking and contains the structure of Intuitive Cooking.

9 Months Access with tuition

Extend access with monthly membership subscription to all material and events $26.90 / month

Additional Topics: Expand on the Core Essentials $197 – $375

    • Improvising Desserts – $197
    • Plant Protein Expanded – $375
    • Living Foods Cuisine – $375
    • Natural Bread – $375
    • Recipe Translation of World Cuisines – $375

Additional 3 months access for each topic



An opportunity to study all the content and receive a letter of completion.

Great opportunity for cooks of any level of experience who want the sense of completion.

18 Months Access

Extend access with monthly membership subscription to all material and events $26.90 / month

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“What the Independent Study format has meant for me?”

The Natural Cook training program has made cooking a creative experience for me. I love the process! I started the program in hopes of learning how to make simple, plant-based foods look and taste delicious as well as be healthful for my family and me. With The Natural Cook training program, I’ve found what I was looking for and More!

The program offers written lessons and videos, and weekly online question and answer sessions. I feel personally tutored in my studies and very supported by the instructors. Their enthusiasm for my learning and the depth of their knowledge is a gift!.

The program teaches respect for the food ingredients and for ourselves – to trust our “heart center” – to listen to the cooking of the food and to listen to ourselves.

Core Essentials Topics

Details and Inspiration
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Intuitive Cooking

Kitchen Setup

Visual Rhythm

Energetic Nutrition

Meal Composition

Amazing Grains

Earth Angels

Romancing The Bean

Soups & Sauces

Additional Topics included in the Complete

Details and Inspiration
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Tofu, Tempeh, Seitan

Vegan Desserts

Living Foods

Natural Breads

Recipe Translation