What kind of support is there for helping me after graduation?

The School of Natural Cookery does not offer a formal placement service. However, we often receive requests for graduates and provide information about opportunities. If you are interested in hearing about them, you will know about the opportunities in our Alumni Forum. We also try to match graduates with opportunities as they come into [...]

What kind of support is there for helping me after graduation?2021-12-30T11:18:32-07:00

Is there a certificate?

If you are looking for a certificate, you will be in the Natural Chef  - Certificate/Diploma training. Graduates with an 85% or higher GPA will earn a Certificate/Diploma. If you are in the Independent Study training and successfully complete all the topics through the Core Essentials + Added Topics OR the Complete, you will [...]

Is there a certificate?2021-12-30T11:22:04-07:00

I prefer to work with other people, classmates. How can I do this studying at SNC?

The Natural Chef  training is organized as a mentorship with a teacher  or as a group of up to 6-7 students that meet weekly. The Independent Study students have the option to join the Tuesday Talk webinar format to listen to instructors who respond to group questions through a chat format The group of [...]

I prefer to work with other people, classmates. How can I do this studying at SNC?2021-12-30T11:26:23-07:00

How will I learn to cook in a virtual format if we are not together in a studio?

We are teaching a thought process with which to observe good cooking and not good cooking.  The language we use to format the process of building dishes without a recipe, fixing dishes that are "off", inventing dishes that have never been experienced before, becomes the structure for interaction with teachers, other students sharing, and with [...]

How will I learn to cook in a virtual format if we are not together in a studio?2020-07-06T14:15:51-06:00

What if I have technical problems?

If you have technical issues, please send a detailed message to support@naturalcookery.com. The support team will review your issue in get back to you within 24 hours. For urgent issues connecting to one of the web meetings, please notify the instructor facilitating the class. The instructor will do some basic troubleshooting of the issue and [...]

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How much does it cost?

Independent Study programs have no discounts or scholarships.  We have added material and better design and lowered the price. The Natural Chef training offers opportunity for discounts and scholarships You can see the comparison between the programs and options in the chart below, along with the cost of tuition for both programs Comparison Chart [...]

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Are there any discounts or scholarship offered?

Natural Chef training with a single payment discount $530 Natural Chef applicants in the health care/health coaching industry may also qualify for an additional $500 discount SNC scholarship  -  Variable up to $3000 partial scholarship for The Natural Chef - training as needed according to application. Request application letter State of Colorado residents, Wyoming [...]

Are there any discounts or scholarship offered?2021-12-30T11:48:27-07:00

Where do I start the Natural Chef – Certificate/Diploma?

Read the catalog to the end. Make sure you have your questions answered either through email or private meeting. Apply for the Natural Chef - Certificate/Diploma Schedule   interview Receive acceptance letter Block out your study time and dates on your personal calendar Complete enrollment agreement Prepare your kitchen - receive workbook, textbook, knife, ingredient [...]

Where do I start the Natural Chef – Certificate/Diploma?2021-12-30T11:53:40-07:00

What are my career options?

The most powerful tool you will have from this training is the ability to adapt to all situations. The goal is to use this training as a jumping off place to find the industry format that brings most of you and your interests together. As an expert in plant-based ingredients from the "whole food " [...]

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