Is this the right time for me to commit to a 9 month training? 

If you are cooking for people at least three times a week, your assignments can easily be worked into your schedule. 

We recommend you find a rhythm in the week to study, shop, cook, upload assignments, and preview the topics in the upcoming lesson.

1- 2 hours to study and take notes on the topics of the week.  This should be done in a quiet place with access to high speed internet, but not a kitchen.  

2 – 4  hours to cook the assignments

1 – 2  hours to upload assignments

1 – 1.5 hours for weekly meetings with mentors and classmates online

Lab session preparation and workflow goes like this: 

You will need to arrange your life to fit the scheduled days and times for live meetings and lab sessions.  During the enrollment process you will know the exact schedule.

2 – six hour lab sessions: scheduled dates and time in the first month and the last month.   

4 – three hour lab sessions:  2.5 hours in the kitchen plus .5 hour in classroom

Chefs are managers.  They manage multiple experiences inside and out. The Natural Chef – diploma program includes physical, mental and emotional strategies to support student’s skills.  

If you prefer to train without these pressures, the Independent Study program is excellent way to study the material in The Natural Cook training.

Communication with the teacher is key, including about how you are managing your schedule.  Please review in the catalog options and policies for unforeseen circumstances that might interfere with you completing the training. 

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