We are teaching a thought process with which to observe good cooking and not good cooking.  The language we use to format the process of building dishes without a recipe, fixing dishes that are “off”, inventing dishes that have never been experienced before, becomes the structure for interaction with teachers, other students sharing, and with one’s self during the creative process.

The training classroom has over 250 videos for students to be in an up-close classroom.  Each video is one or two single points of information technically important for each lesson.  It is recommended to store notes from these presentations in the workbook, and then take the workbook with detailed notes into the kitchen to practice.  From your notes you will invent a dish and learn to observe the transformation of the ingredients.

Students study with following interactive tools embedded into our university level online classroom:

  • textbook
  • workbook
  • videos
  • pre-recorded  live-virtual group meetings
  • interactive forums
  • grades and comments from teachers on each assignment
  • shared folders of classmate’s homework submissions
  • quiz
  • learn to take high level photos of your work
  • submit photos of your homework with an interactive template that trains you to think in a language without relying on recipes

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