Natural Chef training with a single payment discount $530

Natural Chef applicants in the health care/health coaching industry may also qualify for an additional $500 discount

SNC scholarship  –  Variable up to $3000 partial scholarship for The Natural Chef – training as needed according to application.

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State of Colorado residents, Wyoming residents, can apply for workforce grants/scholarship through their local county workforce office

United States residents can inquire with their local workforce office.  Identify the person in charge of financial support for vocational training opportunities.  Contact us with their name and contact information and we will full-fill the application process to be a “supplier” in your area.  This takes some tenacity and effort for an applicant.  Let us know where you are in your process.  We will do everything we can.

Veterans –  When the veterans administration allows online learning, we will qualify for your payments from the VA.  But we have run into conflict with them in the past – pre Covid-19.  Please keep asking your office to approve  our approved vocational school to use the funds for your education.  We will go through the application we need to with the VA. So, please let us know your progress and we will do everything we can.