Natural Chef Training Timing

I have a full-time job and a family.  Is this the right time for me to commit to a 9 month training?  You ask a great question. Let me give you some information and ideas to answer this question. If you are cooking for people at least three times a week, your assignments can [...]

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Natural Chef Training Tuition and Financing Options

What does this program cost?   Application fee: $50   Non refundable Material fees: $1,500  Non refundable Tuition:            $10,930 (refund policy in catalog) Discounts:  Early enrollment - $1000 Single payment     $  530 Other cost in addition to tuition? There are costs of setting up and maintaining your kitchen.  [...]

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Natural Chef Training Graduate Opportunities

What kind of work will The Natural Chef training prepare me for?  This is a great question to reflect on whether a culinary artist’s skills and knowledge will be marketable.   The Natural Cook training begins by organizing the student’s mind and kitchen. We then step carefully and consciously into learning techniques to access [...]

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I have work commitments. Can I still be successful in taking the Natural Chef – certificate/diploma?

People do work and fit this program into their daily / weekly life. A minimum of 25 hours depending on the students ability to manage their time and  integrate the information. Often people are misled in thinking that an online training is more lenient than a show-up in a classroom format. While it is [...]

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Not clear what your goals are? Would like help to decide which program to enter?

You will want to look at your life's commitments and time available to study.  If your goal is to have The School of Natural Cookery, certificate/diploma, to begin or enhance a profession with plant-based expertise, then the Natural Chef is for you. The Independent Study  format is a great way to study without the pressure [...]

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Is there a teacher training?

Yes, we do have a training to create a Certification as A Natural Cook teacher.  They are invited to participate following their success in the Chef Training The cost of becoming  a Certified,  Natural Cook® teacher is paid during the (paid) apprenticeship / teacher training that follows graduation of the Natural Chef program. Teacher [...]

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I am health practitioner.

Doctors, nutritionists, and health coaches  automatically receive a discount. Independent study $125   Natural Chef $500 The Natural Cook training is known to be the missing link between what you are wanting  your clients to achieve with their food choices and HOW to actually do that. It is premised on your goal to support your client. Doctors, [...]

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