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The Essentials of Becoming A Natural Cook

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The Essentials of Becoming A Natural Cook


The Essentials of Becoming A Natural Cook

The Essentials of Becoming A Natural Cook  portion of the school’s training is what we call, “Quiet cooking lose to center.™”  This is where we build the strength and skills of a natural cook.  Each ingredient having an exact function in a dish means that dishes are simple, or complex on purpose.

The focus of this core training content is mastery of cooking methods; understanding texture, balance, control, and almost magical inner and outer experiences in design, taste, substance, color of dishes and balance in meals.  Whole seed-based ingredients and the creative process work together for health.  It provides a shift to wholeness through connecting the rhythm in the kitchen with nutrient dense, plant-based, whole food.

Training options are set up to support students who want to study topics, lessons, and practice sessions at their own pace. No pressure, no exam; support quizzes and forums for questions.  This training supports both following a curriculum and easily apply your inspiration to move between subjects.

Topics are:

  • The Language of Intuitive Cooking™,  Energetic Nutrition, Setting Up A Natural Kitchen, Visual Rhythm — Knife Skills,
  • Earth Angels — The Art of Cooking Vegetables, Amazing Grains — Artistry with dish grains, Romancing The Bean, Soups and Single Binder Sauces, Meal Composition — balance and design.

Additional individual specialty topics maybe be purchased one at time according to your interest, from within The Essentials classroom.  The cost will vary by topic between $197 and $359 each.


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