CATEGORY: Independent Study

The Complete Training of Natural Cookery

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

The Complete Training of Natural Cookery

This course builds a complete culinary repertoire to understand most cooking. It includes all the content of The Art of Intuitive Cooking and The Essential, students will stand on the same power to create dishes and deepen their culinary skills with the same improvisation and intuitive skills, while studying these additional topics to the essentials curriculum— take your time.  The content will sustain a life-time of information and practice exercises.

This is ideal for a student who begins with The Language of Intuitive Cooking and becomes comfortable using the online platform and tools: glossary, forums, videos, and the easy of navigation through the library and lessons.

Best price and value for people who want to control their relationship with food and cooking for a lifetime.

Additional Topics:

  • Plant-Protein :Tofu,Tempeh, and Seitan;
  • Improvising Desserts
  • Natural Breads: spreads, pate, and mixed binder sauces;
  • Living Foods Cuisine
  • Recipe Translation of World Cuisines
  • Open Classroom


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