CATEGORY: Independent Study

The Art of Intuitive Cooking

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

The Art of Intuitive Cooking

At The School of Natural Cookery (SNC) Creativity IS The Healer.

Through this doorway into The School of Natural Cookery training, we study how to think and see ingredients according to an artist’s creative process and Energetic Nutrition — a way towards balance.

The Art of Intuitive Cooking content does not include the many cooking methods available in SNC’s expanded training options.  But wherever we are in our cooking experience, this foundational information prepares the mind, heart, and hand to organize and experience the individual creativity, which builds strength and courage to create nameless, audaciously delicious dishes, with ingredients at hand.

Connecting to Nature through food and cooking, with practice originating from our balance of mind, heart, and hand, we become aware of how our choices contribute to living all of life as a work of art.


It will serve those who want to be free from recipes and understand how to organize their mind and ingredients at hand to upgrade their dishes to wholeness and manage their taste/flavors, time and budget.

A successful student will take responsibility for their willingness to not have an idea of what the dish will become.  Instead, they allow knowledge of The Language of Intuitive Cooking which asks the right questions allowing ideas and options to flow and provides a way to use tools/skills on how to choose the best ingredients for our individual life support at this time in our lives, throughout a life-time.


Three topics initiate The School of Natural Cookery’s training. You are enrolled into the library content of The Natural Cook® program that prepares the heart, mind, and kitchen of an intuitive cook.

The knowledge is presented for most learning modalities: kinesthetic, verbal, visual, auditory, experiential, introspective, and extroverted in the following topics:

The Language of Intuitive Cooking
Energetic Nutrition
Setting Up Your Natural Kitchen


Study in the open classroom 24/7. Navigate throughout the topic content in any order you like, moving around freely. You may select to use the Immersion supported live, scheduled mentorship at anytime.

Ask questions in the lesson forums.  Teacher/mentors will respond.

Expand the content of the training from within the classroom anytime. Let it grow from within your curiosity.