The Essentials of Becoming A Natural Cook

6 Week Immersion

When The Open Classroom alone is not enough
Curriculum driven, scheduled, live interaction with teacher mentors

The Essentials – Immersion

This course mentors students through the depth and details of The Essentials. It is specially built to support home cooks and professionals such as: healthcare practitioners, athletic and nutritional coaches, cookbook authors and teachers.

This portion of The School of Natural Cookery’s training focuses on what we call Quiet Cooking Close To Center.

This means the knowledge of the cook will be linked with and the power of simple ingredients. 

The organizational experience in learning The Language of Intuitive Cooking brings to your creative process an almost magical inner/outer experience and even a sense of calm while cooking.

Balanced dishes and meals are based in principles of art, design, and energetic nutrition. Whole, plant-based ingredients and the creative process work together for health. No gluten or sugar is used in this part of the training’s curriculum.

You will build the courage and skills of a natural cook. You will have a combination of the Open Classroom’s flexibility and attention to your process of learning with a personal mentorship through the scheduled Immersion.

Tuition $2,869

A minimum of 12 hours preparation over at least two weeks before the first scheduled Immersion is required. 

Consider early enrollment to give yourself time to prepare.

Registration is closed 2 weeks before the start of the live, group sessions.

What You Need

Two devices with cameras with one device holder

Simple kitchen with tools, equipment and ingredients

A computer or notebook with keyboard

High speed internet connection

Course Highlights

Last week I got my feet wet and this week I’m getting to dig into the content and videos.  Julianaa—the love that you have put into this course is SO evident.  Just reading through the grains section today has been healing as I’m reminded of how amazing they are. 

Already I’m feeling a retraining in my brain back to the beauty and essence of food versus where my brain has gone with all the Doctors orders of don’t eat this this and this.  In essence, that food is the enemy ☹  It’s so great to go back to love.  You are the perfect teacher for that! Kristin Sorani – USA

When You Register

You will select a session for 6 consecutive weeks with beginning/end dates. These dates are your responsibility to show up in the live virtual meeting room.

Upon payment received, you will have access to Open Classroom, or if you are purchasing from within The Essentials classroom  which applies financial credit  for previous tuition purchases.

Your credentials will arrive by email.

A calendar and outline in the classroom where you can easily track weekly study plans.

How To Prepare

Clear your schedule and organize a time to study lessons weekly—a minimum of four hours.

Commit to practicing weekly exercises—about five hours.

Participate in weekly, scheduled, live lab sessions for 2.5 hours.

Set up your kitchen for cooking and for virtual labs.


Each lesson provides an instructor-monitored forum.

Purchase and Membership includes the option to drop-into Tuesday Talk Group Q/A

Whatever you need, just ask.

Topic Details

Select a topic below to learn more about The Natural Cook Core Essentials Certificate - training

The Language of Intuitive Cooking™

The Language of Intuitive Cooking is a “living language.”  That is because it serves the purpose of organizing cooking from any culture and all dietary situations through generations.

Kitchen Setup

In this topic, a natural kitchen means allowing for ingredients to be born in the highest quality of soil.

Visual Rhythm

Visual Rhythm – and the Japanese vegetable knife.

Energetic Nutrition

“Nutritional science” is a respected field of study, but it’s a vast topic. Western nutrition took roots in the18th Century while western doctors were first looking at the link between isolated nutrients and what was missing in a sick person.

Meal Composition

A balanced meal is especially satisfying when using the nutrient-dense whole foods cuisine that you are learning here. One can actually stop eating, and eat less, after eating a balanced meal of energetically whole ingredients.

Amazing Grains

The creative process we are teaching here is to recognize that there are infinite possibilities for cooking dish grains (GF), maintaining their energetically whole form.

Earth Angels

Our techniques in these cooking methods highlight the amazing versatility of vegetables and sea vegetables.

Romancing The Bean

Romancing a bean is easy with The Language of Intuitive Cooking and the important technical information is in this topic. When we apply this creative process to beans, it produces dynamic, satisfying and somewhat seductive unrefined protein dishes.

Soups & Single Binder Sauces

ou will begin to master the art of creating exciting vegan soups and sauces with the simplest, most flavorful techniques. Every soup, in every cuisine, falls into one of the five styles of soup in this course.

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