Core Essentials — Certificate

12 Weeks

$500 pre-launch discount


Take a deep dive with us into the essence of good cooking skills. Study nutrient dense, whole plant ingredients without gluten or sugar. Give your body a chance to experience how bringing out the best digestibility and taste that real food can give us, is sustainable. Stand on the shoulders of more than 40 years with a proven system that will feed you, your clients, your families.

  • A structured, guided curriculum weekly
  • Study & practice specific details of cooking methods
  • Weekly series of live, virtual lesson/labs from your kitchen with cameras for teachers to see your work, and test your understanding
  • Small groups, sharing your experience and learn from others
  • Teachers help you use the training to address your specific health and culinary goals


  • Twelve, 2.5 hour (30 hours) live, virtual, meetings with teacher/mentor
  • 24/7 access to our premium online, university level classroom
  • Practice in the comfort of your own kitchen
  • Allow study/practice time of approximately 5 hours a week.

In this core training we focus on understanding the details of plant based cooking methods. The creative process structured in The Language of Intuitive Cooking™ provides almost magical inner and outer experiences. Balanced dishes and meals are based in design principles of energetic nutrition, taste, texture, color and the theory of numbers. Whole seed-based ingredients and the creative process work together for health. The core content provides a shift to wholeness through creating a rhythm in the kitchen with nutrient dense, plant-based, whole food. No gluten or sugar in this part of the training curriculum.


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