Martha M.

Julianaa, your course has transformed how my ingredients are organized in the kitchen and what a difference this makes not only for inspiration, but I am actually starting to look […]

S. M.

I had the very special pleasure in Julianaa’s studio weekend  at her lovely home in Oregon.  As a student in the Lifestyle training, I was still learning and trying to master […]

Rebecca B.

I feel like I’ve been in training pretty much my whole life, and thanks to you (thank you), I have the tools I’d need to nourish and grow a healthy […]

P. W.

I am still so excited about cooking since talking with you.  I have never really liked to cook even though I have studied it just to see if I could […]

S. P.

I’m touching base today to let you know that even though I haven’t been attending online classes, I’m thoroughly engaged and progressing well through the course materials. I’ve always been […]

C. G.

I just finished a week-long gig as a private chef that Maihaa hooked me up with. I am so thankful for The School of Natural Cookery!  There is no way I […]


When I began the study program, I knew how to cook using recipes.  I was okay in the kitchen, just not that creative or super comfortable.  I was attracted to […]

T. T.

Thanks a lot Ms. Julianaa for your generous and encouraging comments. I love every moment of learning at SNC.


I was always interested to learn more about plant based cooking , especially when I heard that my employer wanted to move more towards plant based cooking in the next […]

A. O.

The School of Natural Cookery is a very unique program. Instead of memorizing recipes or cracking eggs over and over until I can do it with one hand, we focused […]