Christy Brennand

Julianaa— I happened to see a Facebook notification about your birthday today, so first… Happy Birthday!  I hope your day is special and that the coming year is your best one ever (so far). I thought this would be a good time to tell you how much I cherish my time and training with you […]

Philippa Norman, MD

As an Integrative Physician, I believe it’s essential for health providers to not only the knowledge of nutrition, but the ability to connect with food in a holistic way. Often the concept of cooking brings to mind using recipes or standard cooking techniques. Julianaa’s method offers a solid foundation and a more rich, whole-person approach in […]

Anne Marie

For much of my life I have carried an extra 25 pounds on my body. When I hit menopause it got worse and my ability to fend off weight gain with good exercise and limited eating became even more difficult. Over the last 5 years, I had come to believe that I could no longer […]

Dr. Safia Rubai

First, I just wanted to say, THANK YOU again and again. My life is healthier, happier, energized, and already 9.5 lbs lighter(mostly vegan natural diet) since encountering you, Maia and your School of Natural Cookery. I am cooking way more than I used to!!! I can’t believe the taste, quality, and possibilities of the dishes […]

Stephanie M.

The School of Natural Cookery online system is brilliant! I have been enrolled in the Lifestyle Course Complete since May. Coming in as a complete novice to cooking, this course was perfect for me to learn the language of cooking without recipes. I systematically went through each of the Units and learned each cooking method through […]

Mike M.

I have to thank you for all that I learned as a student of your course. I have based my personal cooking style from the course and it has become my career and true passion. The school has been my inspiration and you and Maihaa were the greatest teachers that I ever had the honor […]

Christina W.

I attended SNC in 2000 wanting to make a career change from the corporate world. Under Julianaa’s tutelage and caring wisdom I learned how to cook and engage in my own creative process. I became a successful personal chef for about 10 years for all sorts of clients – I prepared health supportive meals for […]

Martha M.

Julianaa, your course has transformed how my ingredients are organized in the kitchen and what a difference this makes not only for inspiration, but I am actually starting to look forward to cooking, instead of usually viewing it as a chore. –   Martha M  Wisconsin

Mary Chris

I really have enjoyed the course. Particularly helpful to me were the desserts — learning about proportions and the use of thickeners. Very cool! In fact every time I make cookies, soup, pancakes, etc. now I’m really just thinking – ” What flavors do I want to impart and what ingredients do I want to […]

Lauren L.

I could watch your videos all day! I love you and your philosophy. – Lauren L., Colorado

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