This topic is addressed throughout the training, applying thoughts, curiosity, andpractical questions to different business options for graduates with this training. Working in a kitchen requires knowing about ingredients, tools, equipment,timing, storing, holding, cleaning, and troubleshooting. Often during the ninemonthcourse, students begin to identify what they want to do. They explore anddefine what they need […]

Meal Composition

Recipe Translation of World Cuisines

A balanced meal is especially satisfying when using the nutrient-dense whole foods cuisine that you are learning here.  One can actually stop eating, and eat less, after eating a balanced meal of energetically whole ingredients. Design principles are the same for simple meals to the most complex and exotic. In this topic, artistry relies on […]

Chef Skills

Natural cooking skills; chef skills

In addition to the comprehensive SNC complete curriculum, the following topics provide structure throughout the Natural Chef student’s training and round out the experience and strength to enhance any aspiring chef’s expertise. You will aim to master technique, timing and co-ordination with cooking and organization. Learning food management systems begin with understanding the amount of […]

Recipe Translation

The goal of this topic is to bring together everything you have studied into the context of dishes that have names and expectations.  Until now, the training pushes students to improvise, invent and cook with confidence not knowing what the result will be. In this section we study classic recipes but we practice recipe translation […]

Natural Bread

Natural Bread

This topic studies traditional bread grains to learn four basic styles of dough: 100% sprouted grain, sourdough, traditional yeast, and natural rise. Any of these dough types can be formed into many shapes of bread, including baguette, pizza, pita, crackers, both crescent and round dinner rolls, filled batard, and even spiraled cinnamon rolls, bread sticks […]

Living Foods

Living Foods

At SNC, Living Food Cuisine goes beyond the idea of simply ‘raw’ food. It takes the culinary concept of “living food” into the understanding of how live enzymes are preserved during the transformation (cooking raw) process. Based on The Language of Intuitive Cooking, this portion of the curriculum adapts cooking methods and techniques for creating beverages, […]

Vegan Desserts

Improvising Desserts

In this topic, we learn to create desserts with the forms of cookies, cakes and custards.  We are inventing. So we begin by studying the ingredients and the shape of what we are making. By understanding the form we are creating and the function and action of how to work with quality, whole as possible,  […]

Tofu, Tempeh, Seitan

Seed Protein: Tofu, Tempeh, Seitan

When making these seed proteins from their whole seed, it is difficult to avoid being in awe of the miracle. Since these already transformed, processed seed protein ingredients are readily available, it isn’t necessary to make these foods from scratch. However, the information about how to do so is in the classroom. Through cooking, we […]

Soups & Single Binder Sauces

You will begin to master the art of creating exciting vegan soups and sauces with the simplest, most flavorful techniques. Every soup, in every cuisine, falls into one of the five styles of soup in this course. We study single binder sauces, before combining them into complex binder sauces. These follow the same principles as […]

Romancing The Bean

Romancing a bean is easy with The Language of Intuitive Cooking and the important technical information is in this topic. When we apply this creative process to beans, it produces dynamic, satisfying and somewhat seductive unrefined protein dishes. SNC approaches plant-based whole food protein by understanding how to stage the cooking methods for proper cooking, […]

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