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We strive to raise consciousness about plant based ingredients and cooking methods while mentoring the creative process of preparing healing whole foods..

Our Mission

Provide all level of cooks a platform for a lifetime of eating well
Create a profound, healthy relationship with the creative aspect of intuitive cooking
Apply the understanding of how food grows to make culinary and health choices
Supply motivation and skills to conserve energy and reduce waste
Open a road to success for chefs, teachers, writers, food product designers in culinary professions
Julianaa Satie

Julianaa Satie

Founder / Director of
The School of Natural Cookery

Julianaa Satie has more than 40 years of experience focused on learning from the healing power of whole, natural, ingredients in all of the personal and professional aspects of her life. She has been an experienced business owner of a high-quality food store, food truck, private chef service and cooking school. Julianaa also consults for restaurants, institutional food services, and serves as a formulator/team member for companies developing high quality food products. She is the author of three books: Amazing Grains, Romancing the Bean, and Intuitive Cooking From The School of Natural Cookery.

As a young professional choreographer/dancer, a medical intervention re-directed her into a lifestyle of healing using whole food and natural medicine. Inspired to share her inspiration that food is only healing if it is easy to prepare daily, delicious, and as whole as possible—like a piece of choreography—over seven years she developed the Language of Intuitive Cooking.

Julianaa is devoted to bringing clarification and ease to the often over-complicated topics of cooking, eating, and what to eat. As mother of four and grandmother of five she is devoted to bringing health to the environment through the art of cooking. In addition to studying at at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and Macalester College in St.Paul, Julianaa has earned certificates in Avita Yoga, Quantum Bio-feedback, Transformational Healing, and Living Foods from the Ann Wigmore Institute.

Kelly Worrell

Kelly Worrell is a graduate of the Natural Chef – diploma program and all The Natural Cook courses. He is trained as a personal chef and takes fatherhood seriously, with five beautiful children and two grandchildren. He has over 20 years experience in the corporate information technology industry. Kelly provides stability at The School of Natural Cookery as the administrator for new student enrollment and co-creator of the online classroom. He also provides technology support for students and teachers.

After experiencing The Natural Cook Core Essentials training, Kelly made the courageous move to change his life and follow his passion to become a personal chef and instructor. He is a co-owner with Julianaa in The School of Natural Cookery, llc.

In addition to being a father, personal chef, and teacher, Kelly enjoys singing in local choirs to keep his creative juices flowing.

Sofia Paixão

Sofia is a Portuguese natural chef, recipe developer, heath coach, blogger and mother of four. She inherited from her family the love for cooking, where it has always been a form of socializing and sharing. What inspires her in the kitchen, Sofia is inspired by her ability to transform simple ingredients into delicious meals, using improvisation, good techniques and what nature provides us with.

Sofia started her education in classical cuisine and, after completing several cooking courses, she found the one she most identified with, natural cooking. Sofia is a graduate, and now teacher, at “The School of Natural Cookery”.

Any human being has the innate ability to cook. One only has to awaken it.

After discovering her serious intolerance to gluten, Sofia had to adapt the way she cooked and, in the last ten years, she has developed a deep knowledge base on gluten free cooking which she shares on her website, her book “Sem Gluten com paixão,” lectures, classes and workshops.

Rachel Jesson

Rachel Jesson B.Phys.Ed M.Phil is a certified natural food chef and a teacher at the School of Natural Cookery. She co-directs  The Nutritional Institute, which consists of a powerful and healing team of functional practitioners. She also heads up the cookery module at The Centre for Integrative Sports Nutrition, as part of the international certificate course for nutrition and exercise professionals. Additionally, she devises cookery content for the Centre for Nutrition Education and Lifestyle Management (CNELM) nutritional therapy college in the UK. Rachel co-authored the health-based nutrition book Wholesome Nutrition, and regularly contributes to nutrition publications, including Functional Sports Nutrition, Outdoor Enthusiast and Natural Medicine.

Rachel’s educational achievements include an honours degree in physical education (B.Phys.Ed) and a masters degree in sport science and sport psychology (M.Phil). She is also an NLP practitioner, and has spent the past 20 years immersing herself in the study of whole, traditional and living foods. Rachel is a former South African triathlete and now enjoys some competitive running and CrossFit. She has a contagious and passionate enthusiasm for nourishing foods and optimal health.

Rachel lives with her husband and two sons in Scotland. Her passion is energetically transmitted through her love of teaching.

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