Natural cooking skills; chef skills

Chef Skills

In addition to the comprehensive SNC complete curriculum, the following topics provide structure throughout the Natural Chef student’s training and round out the experience and strength to enhance any aspiring chef’s expertise.

You will aim to master technique, timing and co-ordination with cooking and organization.

Learning food management systems begin with understanding the amount of time a food remains energetically viable; how to store effectively and safely; how to cook anywhere from 1 – 75 people in your kitchen.  Serve/Safe Food Service Manager’s Certificate training included.

To experience leadership in meal composition and production is an art rooted in communication. Because we are teaching through a language unique to empowering the creative process and accuracy of cooking, it supports a chef to understand and learn how to think and communicate effectively and efficiently while leading collaborators, clients, and customers. It is this skill that helps a graduate of SNC gain the contract with confidence that they can perform it well.

Throughout the Natural Chef training teachers might include how to use the topic of the week for different styles of business. Student’s questions initiate discussions on business topics.

Food photography lessons create images that communicate to a teacher about the student’s weekly assignment. Using the language from SNC, teachers and students dialogue about taste, color, texture, cooking methods, design of dishes, and more. Hundreds of assignments make this training a lifetime of photographic memories.

The online platform is available for 9 months following graduation. Developing a portfolio with images and templates to organize the dishes ingredients, cooking methods, and process with instructors’ notes on the student’s homework is available to review and to create a professional portfolio for building business relationships.

Energy exercises are taught in the live labs to initiate a training on how to use portions of the chakra system to control normal pressures associated with intense cooking objectives. This is especially important to bring into a cooking practice when working “in the unknown” — improvising dishes on the spot, with ingredients at hand, under the time pressure of being a professional.

  • The Language of Intuitive Cooking™
  • Kitchen Setup
  • Visual Rhythm
  • Energetic Nutrition
  • Meal Composition
  • Amazing Grains
  • Earth Angels
  • Romancing The Bean
  • Soups & Single Binder Sauces
  • Plant Protein
  • Vegan Desserts
  • Living Foods
  • Natural Bread
  • Recipe Translation
  • Chef Skills

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