Improvising Desserts

Vegan Desserts

In this topic, we learn to create desserts with the forms of cookies, cakes and custards.  We are inventing. So we begin by studying the ingredients and the shape of what we are making.

By understanding the form we are creating and the function and action of how to work with quality, whole as possible,  sugar, fat and binders, we are able to expand our creative process similar to our experience in savory cooking.  Following the techniques as a roadmap, students will design sensually satisfying, whole, nutritionally valuable desserts.

Studying dish-grains (GF) in the Core Essentials prepares students who want to develop gluten free desserts, by learning how these grains become dessert binders. Whole sugars, whole fats, and a myriad of quality binders easily come together to lay the foundation of most desserts.  Thus, you will accomplish the basic dessert forms of cookies, bars, pies, cakes, muffins, clear and creamy custards, frostings, and fruit desserts.


Cookies: drop, bars, pie crust

Health cookie (no flour)

Cakes: coffee style,  quick breads, muffins, cup-cakes

Creamy frostings and clear glazes

Clear custard (natural “jello”)

Creamy custards

Mixed Binder Custards

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