Soups & Single Binder Sauces

You will begin to master the art of creating exciting vegan soups and sauces with the simplest, most flavorful techniques. Every soup, in every cuisine, falls into one of the five styles of soup in this course.

We study single binder sauces, before combining them into complex binder sauces. These follow the same principles as the soups.  The perfection of one informs the technique of the other.

At first glance, I could not understand why French sauces seemed so complicated. Maybe it was because I didn’t speak French. When I did learn to speak French, a bit, I realized that the sauces were categorized not too differently from the styles of soup and sauce in The Language of Intuitive Cooking. 

The organization of sauces in plant cuisines are less complicated, because of the ingredients.   Our methodology for these forms—soup and sauce—is developed specifically for working without animal broth, eggs or dairy products.  When soup and sauce techniques are studied from the plant perspective, there is understanding about how and why one could include the animal product ingredients. But animal products are not in this training.


Spice stock

Vegetable stock

Roasted vegetable stock

Clear broth

Clear starch sauce

Creamy vegetable soup

“Loose” vegetable soup


Bean soup



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