Romancing The Bean

Romancing a bean is easy with The Language of Intuitive Cooking and the important technical information is in this topic. When we apply this creative process to beans, it produces dynamic, satisfying and somewhat seductive unrefined protein dishes.

SNC approaches plant-based whole food protein by understanding how to stage the cooking methods for proper cooking, and storage.  Working with whole beans as protein also teaches us how to place this group of ingredients in a meal’s composition to avoid the chaos that could result, both visually and digestibly.

Like grains, beans are a beautiful canvas for expressing color, taste, and forms.  But, unlike either grain or vegetables, how we handle the cooking process (yes, we cooks are doing the processing in bean cookery) is critical to have the beans meet the human body without disruption. We learn to coax, care, and “romance” the bean into its best performance.


Protein from beans

History of beans


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Properly cooking beans

To soak or not to soak

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