Earth Angels

Our techniques in these cooking methods highlight the amazing versatility of vegetables and sea vegetables.

When we understand how vegetables grow, we are able to select the right amount of cooking liquid; which intern informs how long the food can be in the fire.

Charts organize the thought process, providing information on the best practices for selecting and storing vegetables, treating vegetables for optimum results (when to cut, and when to keep whole), and even what to keep on hand for those days when going to the store is not an option.

To me, vegetables are angels. If I had the choice of eating a beautiful carrot, a juicy beet or a brilliant pea instead of eating dirt and rocks, it would appear that earth had turned into a delicious angel. I notice that when using a variety of vegetables, which have been transmuted by the power of healthy soil, dishes are very simple and satisfying.

We explore this brilliant food group just as explorers give attention to their surroundings.  Some vegetables have a “gang consciousness.” They are wild, tough, domineering and complex; these gangs often rely on the friendship of others.  Then there is the “soloist.”  The star of the dish.  Our guidelines prevent chaos in complex combinations and when faced with the potential of infinite possibilities.


Designing vegetable dishes

Vegetable families defined by how they grow

The best use of oil

Cooking methods taught to clarify confusion in any culinary terminology

Teriyaki                                    Baking

Pressure Cooking                      Slow-Cooking

Pressure Steaming                     Stir-frying

Steeping                                  Tempura

Braising                                   Pickles

Refrying                                   Pressing

Roasting                                  Dehydrating

Blending                                  Marinating