Kitchen Setup

In this topic, a natural kitchen means allowing for ingredients to be born in the highest quality of soil.  We focus on high quality ingredients because each one counts. Each one has a unique purpose in the dish. If an ingredient is grown in chemically fortified soil, our cooking methods will either heighten the chemical taste or the natural flavor of the vegetables.

Organic is good, but it is not the only issue these days. Paying for the term  “Organic” is an expensive cost to farmers who may already be growing bio-dynamically or other natural farming techniques which are superior to organic fertilizers. We need to support the “real food” movement too.


Tools and equipment requirements and links to purchase suggestions

Pantry set-up with all ingredient categories lists and charts

Virtual lab equipment suggestions

A library of information describing the quality, growing style, and function of oils, cooking liquids, herbs/spices, and salts

History and perspective on Whole Dish-Grains (GF) and Bread Grains

Understanding vegetable how to select, store, and families by growing style for cooks

Classification and identity of Plant Protein

Natural sugars—which are more whole than refined

Living Food Cuisine ingredients and equipment

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