The Language of Intuitive Cooking™

The Language of Intuitive Cooking is a “living language.”  That is because it serves the purpose of organizing cooking from any culture and all dietary situations through generations.

Published in 2007, this companion book can accompany you through the training. It has a different personality than the online classroom.  However, the online classroom should be considered the latest greatest presentation of terms in the language. You might find contradictions.  Hopefully you will see the evolution.

The language of Intuitive Cooking lives in the heart and mind of any natural cook. When students find a relationship with this language, it speeds up the organization of what is possible in whatever kitchen they are cooking in.  It is not difficult to learn.  Like a foreign language, or any art form ie: music, dance, fine art, we first have to understand our medium. What materials we are using, and what is their purpose?

We begin all the training programs with this root understanding.  Before writing a story, we want to construct meaningful sentences. Before a dancer can dance, they need to be aware of shifting body parts when they walk. Before making a meal, we want the dishes to be good, aesthetically pleasing and digestible.

This language provides continuity and structure for all cooking going forward throughout your life.  You can study the language, or just look at the cooking methods.  It’s really up to you how much you want to learn.


Organizing ingredients by putting them into categories.

A system for positioning cooking methods helps create a balanced meal.

Theories of cooking engage intuitive cooking skills for measuring and selecting ingredients when no one tells you how much or what to use.

Theory of design applies traditional principles for using numbers and colors.

Several ways to approach fixing a dish that you want to change.

Understanding creativity and the two hemispheres of our brain, and how this applies to The Natural Cook training.

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