Christy Brennand


I happened to see a Facebook notification about your birthday today, so first… Happy Birthday!  I hope your day is special and that the coming year is your best one ever (so far).

I thought this would be a good time to tell you how much I cherish my time and training with you so many years ago. (How many? I don’t even want to count.)

The cooking skills and creative culinary thinking you taught transformed my relationship with food and gave me a solid platform that serves as the bedrock of my healthy lifestyle. I’m incredibly grateful our paths crossed and that I made the great decision to join your program.

To paraphrase a well-known proverb, you can give a girl a meal, or you can teach her to cook. One will nourish her forever, the other only for a day.

Grateful for you. Hope all is wonderful in your life.

With much love,

Christy Brennand

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