Stephanie M.

The School of Natural Cookery online system is brilliant! I have been enrolled in the Lifestyle Course Complete since May. Coming in as a complete novice to cooking, this course was perfect for me to learn the language of cooking without recipes. I systematically went through each of the Units and learned each cooking method through copying exactly what Julianaa does in the videos. Once I l understood the cooking method through watching and copying, I was able to grasp the concept and use it in other applications. The online program is very well organized and thorough. As I am more of a classroom-learner, I thought I would struggle doing everything on my own but the weekly support calls with Maihaa have been incredibly helpful to me! I would absolutely recommend the School of Natural Cookery’s Natural Cook Training to anyone who is interested in learning the basic principles of cooking with plant-based ingredients and who appreciates the creative process of intuitive cooking.

Stephanie M. – Virginia

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