S. P.

I’m touching base today to let you know that even though I haven’t been attending online classes, I’m thoroughly engaged and progressing well through the course materials. I’ve always been a very happy independent learner, and I’m enjoying  the learning materials very much indeed. I’m trying new things every day as a result of what I’ve learned. I’m working on the grains module at the moment.

Highlights so far include:

  • My fledgling knife skills. I’m astonished by the difference cut makes to flavor. Being able to chop onions while they’re in one piece is a real treat – I love this trick! Even my husband, who cooks rarely and solely out of necessity, has adopted this technique when he makes his weekly stir fry.
  • Spicy tamari almonds are now a regular snack in my household.
  • I’m dry roasting grains (quinoa in this instance) for the first time tonight. The quinoa is roasted and in the rice cooker as I write.
  • I’m working more consciously with pretreatments to influence the flavor of my food. For instance, I made a fabulous roasted root vegetable soup a few days ago and a roast pumpkin, aragula and pine nut salad last night.
  • I’m comfortably dropping into the heart centre  to determine fit – the heart centre is my vehicle for communicating with my horses, so although the application is new, the approach is not.
  • I’m experiencing strong intuition about food combinations, both when I’m wondering what to add (or what not to add) and at random moments when I’m doing other things.

I’m never going to be your most visible student, but don’t mistake my self-directed learning for disengagement. I’m grateful to know that you’re there if/when I need you and I’m really enjoying the course so far.

–   SP Australia

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