When I began the study program, I knew how to cook using recipes.  I was okay in the kitchen, just not that creative or super comfortable.  I was attracted to the program because I wanted to improve my skills and liked the idea of not being tied to recipes.

I had been cooking plant based for about 20 years.  My knowledge of cooking liquids,  extensive use of grains and legumes has expanded completely!  I had never fermented,  baked bread or dehydrated.  I am now comfortable using herb/spices I didn’t even know existed before this program.  I now combine ingredients that I had never used previously!

It took me a long time to understand the Natural Cook method.  Once I “got” it, I felt so free!  One of the reasons I selected this program was the lack of adherence to recipes.  I had no understanding of how extensive that would really be!  I feel like I can really create a wonderful meal with my ingredients on hand.

Sheri – California

Please share any observations of your growth in culinary artistry.

I am so much more comfortable in the kitchen!  I prepared dinner the other night and included an awesome sauce.  This second week of training really helped propel me further along than I had imagined.  You and Maihaa both are such amazing teachers and you really make it clear you care about your students and want them to succeed.   For the most part, the training is clear.  There are some areas, like bread making.

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