I was always interested to learn more about plant based cooking , especially when I heard that my employer wanted to move more towards plant based cooking in the next 10 years.

After more than 30 years in this trade, I thought that I actually knew somewhat about plant based cooking.

Enrolling with the School of Natural Cookery opened up a new world.

I quickly realized that everything is not just about tofu and tempeh. There is so much more.

Not only did I learn about grains, legumes, and vegetables, but also the correct way to prepare them, which became very important.

The course started off with a pace. Although a little bit tough in the beginning, just by absorbing all the information and having a full time job, I always had the support of the SNC team.

I have to mention Kelly Worrell for all his technical support and his patience in helping me to set up my PC.  He is a star!

The weekly web ex meetings were a big plus. It was nice to be connected directly. I could ask all the questions I wanted to and the discussions were very interesting and informative. Although it was once a week, I could always ask for more time if needed. I could also connect by text, phone or email. I often did. I always had all the support I needed.  My primary teacher,  Maihaa was great !

(Carl is a professional, classically trained chef, and he works for a large healthcare provider)

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