A. O.

The School of Natural Cookery is a very unique program. Instead of memorizing recipes or cracking eggs over and over until I can do it with one hand, we focused on breaking down food into Primary Elements and learning the methodology for cooking all Primary Elements. We learn to cook with ratios and “To Fit” so every dish that’s made is perfectly flavored and salted. Once I learned the different methods for different types of food I could easily cook without recipes.  Now I can use whatever ingredients I find at the Farmer’s Market or need to cook with for a client with severe allergies, etc. and I come up with my own perfectly balanced dishes every time.

The Natural Cook Private Chef training provided me with the information I need to cook amazing food for anyone, anywhere. I am comfortable catering large events with all types of dietary needs as well as Private Chef for individuals with extreme food restrictions, picky eaters and everything in between. I am confident in any kitchen and can hold my own as a Chef in any capacity. I will be forever grateful to the School of Natural Cookery for the individualized, unique, well thought out and well taught program that has set me up for anything I choose to do going forward in the Food Industry.

A. O.  –  Boulder, Colorado

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