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Here goes my little story for this course….

When I started this training, I knew how to make food by recipes only.  I was very interested in eating good foods, whole foods. I grew up on fast food and things that my parents who were both teachers made either out of a can or a box or the freezer… We didn’t eat much of anything that was fresh until my dad started a garden when we were in high school.

I had no understanding of the tastes and how you could fix something if a recipe didn’t taste just right to you.  I know I still have a lot to learn but I feel like this year has given meet a lot more confidence in the kitchen and confidence in cooking based on my own intuition.

The reason I signed up for the school in particular is because I am interested in more of a plant-based diet and cooking with my intuition. Anyone can follow recipe.  I feel like it does take a lot of knowledge to be able to understand what’s in a dish and then to be able to fix or alter or make it unique to you.

This course is like a really good movie – You know – the type of movie where you have to watch it multiple times. And The more you watch it, the more nuances you pick up on. You also start to recall that movie and the lines just come out of your mouth – it’s not as if you memorize them they’re just inherent within you.

The other reason that I liked the idea of this course was because I wasted so much food all the time.  I used to go to the store just to grab a couple things a receipe called for – now I can make easy substitutions or concoct something all on my own.  This class has helped me understand that I can just grab what I have and make something out of what looks like not much ;). I waste so much less now!!

The wins: for being an online class, I feel like it’s incredible how much dialogue we were able to have and how much we were able to learn. That said, I saw the biggest improvements & felt most inspired just after each session at the Food Lab.

I think one of the great successes of the online program is how responsive Maihaa was to text message. Because once you start cooking something it’s imperative to have feedback.

I also really appreciate that this course was relaxed enough to fit my crazy lifestyle. It’s interesting, in school & in my masters program, I was used to being the “good” student.  I think I decided early on in this program, knowing that I was pregnant that I need to give myself space and honestly I just wanted to enjoy this program.  I wanted to be able to do things at my own pace and cook things that I was interested in. And it’s incredible to me how much more you can learn this way. I don’t think being a “good” student really served me at earlier points in my life. I realize now that I was working to make someone happy and not working towards anything I was interested in.

This course for me was bigger than just cooking school…It was about making space for myself and learning to trust my intuition…even though it’s a daily practice, I feel that this course has truly up-leveled my skills in the kitchen from knife skills to the tastes to being able to fix a dish ?

LG – Denver

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