Michele O.

I was looking for a way to integrate a plant-based diet with traditional gourmet techniques and modern nutrition. My mother taught French cooking and entertained regularly, so after leaving home and becoming a vegetarian/vegan, I wanted to capture the excitement of the flavors I knew and enjoyed in childhood but without meat. So, I searched and searched for instruction. First I studied macrobiotics but wanted to expand the flavors and techniques. Other options were not convenient or cost effective, but The Natural Cookery School met all my needs. Enrollment and participation in the rich curriculum online was easy and convenient and the entire experience was worth the investment. Staff always was available to help answer questions and provide useful information on a personal basis in the weekly chat sessions, and at other times, and the videos were informative and well designed as excellent accompaniments to the course materials. In the beginning I enrolled in a few courses, but after a while it became apparent that I wanted to enroll in all of them and was able to do so online from a small town in Alaska for well over a year.

I especially am grateful to have learned cooking techniques, theory, and practical information that support health and wellness from a plant based perspective that honors nutrition, food preparation and the joy of good eating within a community of people who are passionate about cooking.

My food tastes so much better these days and made me a more creative cook. Improved quality of life. Thank you everyone at the school.

Michele O. – Washington

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