Rachel Jesson

Feeling sad today. I have just submitted my glazed tofu.. Can’t believe it’s all coming to an end! It felt like it was just the other day in Portugal that you said we still have a long way to go. How time has flown and how I have enjoyed every minute and mouthful along the way!!!!!!
You have been beyond exceptional!!! How entirely grateful I am of you and having been blessed by your teaching! No one can or could come close to your level of expertise in the language of intuitive cooking. You have carried all the wonderful teachings you have had in your life along the way and brought it into your teaching and cooking, making you one truly REMARKABLE woman. You’d be impossible to match. Your passion, drive and love for both food and teaching is admirable. That’s about all I will be able to match ? ?  Tears are streaming down my cheeks as I write this to you… What an honour it has all been for me. I realise only now that I have bared my soul in my cooking and have found my kitchen to be a peaceful place. I constantly search for peace in my busy life and this has been a great find!
Thank you for all your efforts and for believing in me.
Rachel Jesson – South Africa